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Healthy and Functional Kitchen Remodeling

This Kitchen Remodeling article was written by By Michael Souter of Caliber Construction Group/Certified Restoration and published in the May 10, 2020 edition of the Houston Chronicle.

The kitchen has always been the most popular gathering place, the heart of the home.  Since we are all staying at home more frequently, we wonder what improvements we can make to our homes to adjust to the new normal.

As we move forward there are several kitchen features that may be more important to us now if we plan to remodel a kitchen. 



Even if we are not the hoarding type, due to recent circumstances and seeing empty shelves in stores, we may have realized that we just don’t have enough room to store all our food, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, pet food and recyclables. Welcome to the super pantry, a large organized walk-in closet possibly with a sink and workspace. If you already have one, kudo’s to you (it was probably a good place to hide while staying-at-home).  

Ask your contractor how you can incorporate a super pantry in your kitchen remodel. You may be able to reconfigure your space or borrow space from an adjoining closet or room.  If you can’t accommodate a super pantry, there are many built-in pantry cabinets to keep food and supplies organized.

Focus on a healthy home

Many kitchen design trends come and go.  For several years popular kitchen styles have been farmhouse, transitional (a blending of old and new) and contemporary.  Many homeowners, especially younger ones, are increasingly interested in a focus on health, technology and sustainability (aka green or eco-friendly) when remodeling or custom building.

Countertops that are good for you

We don’t like germs. Many countertops are porous, and bacteria, mold, mildew, stains and odor hide and flourish. Quartz for the past few years has been the most popular countertop surface. Some Quartz manufacturers and solid surface companies add an antibacterial agent to combat norovirus and E Coli germs. Sealed granite helps keep bacteria away, while marble, a popular high-end countertop option is porous and requires regular maintenance.

Here comes copper

Copper, a green building material is naturally antibacterial. The EPA has confirmed that copper is the first solid metal to possess antimicrobial properties effective in killing harmful bacteria on contact. Consider a copper farmhouse kitchen sink, an elegant feature with rustic charm. 

We all are looking forward to better times.  Many home design features originated from past disease outbreaks. It’s too early to tell what home design innovations will come from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you plan to do minor or whole house renovations a healthy home is an important consideration when remodeling.


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