Outdoor Living

Houston Patio Cover, Porch, Deck, Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor living space, if designed properly, can really be an extension of your home. Designing your outdoor living space to bringing the indoors out can be done with an attached covered patio or freestanding patio cover with outdoor kitchen.  We can build a screened-in room addition designed to blur the lines between the inside of your home and your newly created outdoor living space.

Your Houston Patio Cover should blend seamlessly with the style of your home.

The goal is to design a functional, comfortable, sustainable and accessible space.  Since most people would prefer to spend less time taking care of their yard and more time relaxing or entertaining in it, consider using materials that will make it easier to maintain your outdoor living space.

Functional hardscaping choices for your patio could include concrete or stone pavers which are durable and stain resistant, rather than wood products. Permeable pavers are becoming more popular because they are eco-friendly and the rain that falls on your patio seeps into the ground or a nearby storm drain.  They are perfect for storm-water runoff.

So, what does your perfect outdoor living space look like?

In our climate, Houston patio covers are the most practical solution to keep out the sun. Screening in a space will keep out the bugs and some heat but it may hamper your view. Or you can have both with the addition of a retractable screen.

When planning your outdoor living space there are endless possibilities especially when designing outdoor kitchens. There are many cabinetry and countertop products that are low maintenance and withstand the elements.  There are a variety of appliance options such as built in grills, refrigerators, kegerators, even pizza ovens.  The sky’s the limit; you can have an outdoor kitchen where everyone can sit and socialize with the chef, and even help with food preparation!

Enjoy your outdoor living space more days of the year.

Consider adding a fire pit or fireplace under your Houston patio cover for gathering on a cool night.  Lighted water features are increasing in popularity and they create a focal point while enhancing the tranquility of your space.

An important feature not to be overlooked is lighting. A combination of LED, solar, recessed lighting and lanterns are essential, not only for ambiance but for utility and safety.

So turn your yard into your favorite room; a room to be enjoyed with your family and friends for years to come.

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