Water Damage

We will handle any water damage - whatever its cause.

Unfortunately, there have been many instances of water damage and flooding to homes in Houston and The Woodlands over the past few years.  Whether water damage is the result of flooding from excessive rain, burst pipes or other catastrophes, it is important to get help as soon as possible before even more damage is done to your home.

After drying out, or in some cases, ripping out portions of rooms in your home, it will be time to rebuild.  At this point you have the choice of simply restoring your home to the way it was, or perhaps using this disaster to remodel or re-construct your home so that it will be better than it was.

At Caliber Construction Group, we have the experience and expertise to guide you in making those difficult, but important, decisions.  We recognize that after-effects of water damage often create serious issues in your home and will help you take the necessary actions to minimize the damage.

We have years of experience dealing with insurance companies on behalf of our clients.  This experience will enable you to work through the difficult times, as you rebuild your home.

Whether the water damage affected one portion of a room, multiple rooms or your entire house, we will help you in choosing the best long term solution for you and your family.  As restoration experts, remodelers and custom builders, we have the capability to serve all your home improvement needs.

In the aftermath of the recent devastating flooding, starting the recovery process is the next step.  Stay safe and be patient as you focus on the obvious tasks of cleanup and restoration.

“As you go about the recovery process, insurance adjusters and estimators will be scarce.” says David Norman of Caliber Construction Group/Certified Restoration." He says, “Keep in mind that insurance claims will not be handled like claims for a typical storm. Flood insurance only covers structure and contents, not alternate living expenses (ALE). If you don’t have flood insurance or your coverage is not enough, FEMA may be able to supplement.”

“Nine out of ten people won’t be able to afford ALE and will want to stay in their home while it is being repaired.” says Michael Souter of Caliber Construction Group/Certified Restoration. He goes on to say: “If this is the case for you, be sure to have your contractor leave a working bathroom and kitchen facilities (such as a sink, stove and dishwasher) during the reconstruction. These should be on the first floor, especially if there is anybody with handicaps living in the home.”

See the relevant article that appeared in the Houston Chronicle on August 31, 2017 by clicking here: http://www.chron.com/news/article/Focus-on-cleanup-restoration-post-storm-12164777.php#photo-14027617

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