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Storm Damage

Storm damage of any kind restored to “better than new” condition by our restoration construction services.

Storm damage can take many forms, most of which are devastating.  Unfortunately, Houston and The Woodlands have experienced a great number of storms and the resulting damage over the years. Whether the damage to your home resulted from a severe wind or rain storm, hurricane or tornado, you have a loss to deal with. 

Most of us are simply not prepared for such a loss and often don’t know what to do.  Just like any damage, storm damage must be handled in a few stages.  These stages include protection of your home from any additional damage, clean-up and re-construction of your home or a portion of it. 

If the damage was significant, this may be the time to remodel your home, so that it will be better than before.  Caliber Construction Group has been restoring, remodeling and building homes for over 20 years.  As restoration experts, we will guide you in this difficult time.  We will work with your insurance company to ensure that you get the maximum benefits so that you can rebuild your home.