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Fire Damage

Complete elimination of fire damage by our insurance repair specialists.

Texas is prone to natural disasters, having the highest count of tornadoes per calendar year across the entire United States. The government provides direct support for the victims of natural disasters; but what about disasters that are much smaller in scale like the average home fire? When a house fire occurs in Houston, the victims and their families are likely to be forced into very uncomfortable circumstances while everything is sorted out. This process can be long and quite stressful, even more so if the company you hire to rehabilitate your home is not the most reputable.

Caliber Construction Group knows the pain that a fire can cause, and they understand the importance of completing the restoration process swiftly and without mistakes. With the help of Caliber Construction Group, you can go back to enjoying your home and living your life without any worries. Though home fires are devastating, that doesn’t mean all the outcomes must be negative. The reconstruction can leave your home in even better condition than the day you moved in!

Fires that cause extensive damage to homes are normally the result of faulty or improperly installed lighting, failure in kitchen appliances, grease ignition and general electric failure. Don’t let these unavoidable circumstances cheat you out of the home you deserve. With something this important, trust is vital — and after 20 years in business, Caliber Construction Group is easy to trust. For all fire damage restoration needs in the Houston or The Woodlands communities, contact Caliber Construction Group today.