The Woodlands Roofing

Caliber Construction Group / Certified Restoration’s Woodlands Roofing Services consist of a full range of roofing services such as maintenance, repairs and new roofs, including roof storm damage and damage restoration.   To protect your home’s interior from the heavy rain and wind from tropical storms and/or tornados, your roof must be well maintained. However, if it has already been damaged, either from the wear and tear of advanced age or from fire or storm damage, we will restore it to perfect condition so it can withstand approaching storms or any other future challenges.

The Woodlands is periodically the recipient of hurricane winds and storms and is as well as some tornadoes and some places more prone to flooding. Therefore, it is important to inspect and prepare your roof to make sure it is in shape for the storm season in Texas

At one time or another, every home or business owner will be tasked with the decision to repair or replace their roofing system. This decision may stem from several different occurrences including, roof leaks, storm damage, hail damage, fire damage and age. Our Woodlands roofing services include roof inspection, repairs, and replacement.  We will help you determine what is necessary and most cost efficient for you, our client.

Owners David Norman and Michael Souter are restoration specialists, highly experienced in handling insurance claims for storm, water, and fire damage. Caliber Construction Group/ Certified Restoration has over twenty years’ experience in providing Woodlands roofing services from roof repairs to full roof replacements. Our experienced employees are routinely hired by multiple insurance companies for accurate roof inspections based on covered damages to pinpointing the causes of the leaks. We perform expert inspections for attorneys on structural claims that have not been settled.

When it comes to Woodlands roofing services, our roof installation practices vary from many other contractors. We hand nail all shingles as opposed to using a nail gun. Both applications are covered by the manufacturer. The decision for hand nailing was based on the input received from our installers. Hand nailed shingles hold tighter in place on the steeper slopes and the fasteners are not overdriven which can void your warranty. We install six nails per shingle instead of the minimum of four. This gives the roof a higher wind rating. In the valleys, we use ice and water shield along with valley metal. Most roof leaks come from the valleys or where there is a roof penetration.

We at Caliber Construction Group/Certified Restoration are committed to providing Woodlands roofing services with the highest level of professionalism and workmanship.