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Cleaning Up Water Damage

Cleaning up water damage must occur immediately to prevent  mold growth. It’s important to stop any type of water flow or leak as soon as possible. Remove pools of water and start drying the area to prevent additional damage.

Move wet items to a dry room or area with lots of fresh air. Pull up wet carpeting and rugs as soon as possible. If you move items outside, put them in a secure area to protect them from theft.

If you can’t remove the water and dry the area quickly, consider using a service that specializes in cleaning up after water damage. Keep receipts from the clean up and give them to your insurance. The insurance company might pay you back.

Mold can start growing within a day or two after a water leak. Stop the flow of water and dry materials as soon as possible to reduce the chances that mold will grow. Move anything that got wet out of your house to keep more mold from growing.


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