Custom Homes

Custom Homes — the solution to relocation

A need to relocate may have suddenly become a reality for your family. Displacement by tragedy, relocation for work, or even moving closer to family members. Regardless of the details, for one reason or another, you must leave your current home and find a new one. Adjusting to new friends, new surroundings, and new neighbors can be worrisome factors, especially for children. But residents of The Woodlands or Houston, TX, have one less reason to worry. Caliber Construction Group can add something new to your move that isn't scary at all. A brand new, custom home.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom homes.  Caliber Construction Group will help you with the many decisions will will face in building your new custom home.  And, as we have done with other custom homes,  we will help to make the process an enjoyment venture

Older homes are constantly subject to the deterioration of building materials. Everything gets old, houses are no exception. If you were the unfortunate victim of an unexpected burst pipe or some other failure of materials in your previous home, there will be no need to worry. Caliber Construction Group can build you a custom home that you won't have to worry about for many years — if ever!

If your family needs a new home, the best route of action is to immediately contact Caliber Construction Group. They put an astounding amount of attention to detail into creating a plan designed to safely house your family, friends, and pets. Building a home takes a significant amount of time and planning. The process must be handled by professionals to prevent any delays in getting your family settled in.

After some quick paperwork, Caliber Construction Group will be on the way to lay groundwork even faster than you would expect.

Houston's premier custom home specialists will:

  • Plan
  • Evaluate the property
  • Professionally lay the foundation
  • Source building materials
  • Consult proper safety procedures

The homeowner is the most important person when it comes to the planning process. You won't have to be concerned with a pushy foreman, dictating how your home has to look. Caliber Construction Group respects your needs and truly values your input.

After the plans are drawn, the real work begins. Your home will be constructed by licensed, insured and bonded professionals who are highly experienced.

Caliber Construction Group knows how to make sure that building your custom home will be an engaging and memorable experience. It is because of this that you can be confident in our ability to address any and all of your concerns promptly.

Get ready to move into the home of your dreams. Call Caliber Construction Group immediately to get started on building, from scratch, your new custom home.